Mill Drive Gearboxes

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David Brown produces mill drive gearboxes weighing more than 250 tons and manufactures open gears up to 14 meters in diameter.

Investment in the most advanced machining and gear cutting technology, along with development of new materials used in the manufacturing process, has enabled David Brown to rewrite the rule book on mill gear drives.

The result is a radical reduction in lead times and the ability to achieve standards of accuracy to AGMA Level 13 and beyond. Custom-designed multi-axis CNC machinery dedicated to mill gear production, temperature-controlled gear-cutting facilities, automated and optimised design and a unique carburising capability alongside induction hardening and tempering furnaces ensure David Brown retains its position at the industry’s leading edge.

Horizontal Mill Applications

  • Smaller light to medium duty girth gears up to 7m diameter. Typically used in ball mills. Manufacturing technologies used to match customer needs.
  • Traditional casting techniques and machining techniques to suit most light to medium duty applications.
  • Fabricated gears, with advantages in shorter lead-time, combined with greater material integrity for medium duty applications.
  • Up to 14m diameter girth gear for high integrity milling applications, typically AG/SAG mills and similar intensive milling applications.
  • Traditional cast gear technology.
  • Fabricated gear technology, providing shortened lead times for critical project time lines but retaining precision engineered excellence.
  • Mill drive reduction boxes offered in both single and double reduction configuration depending on space envelope constraints. Mill drives are offered with barring drives and inching capability as required.

Equally important are the skilled personnel who provide a rapid, flexible and technically informed product support service for installation, maintenance, repair or re-engineering.

Vertical and horizontal mills, kilns, dryers, pelletisers, granulators, pulverisers and crushers around the world all rely on David Brown gears and drive train technology to deliver the production targets your business demands. With thousands of successful installations, your future could not be in safer hands. David Brown mill solutions fall into two key application groups: horizontal mills, typically used in coal pulverisation, kiln and cooler drives, and ball mills and then the larger, high integrity applications such as AG/SAG mills.

Vertical Mill Applications

  • Vertical planetary solutions for pulverisation applications such as coal pulverisation in power generation and aggregate reduction in cement manufacture.
  • Bevel gear solutions, also for pulverisation applications, giving a simpler configuration, enabling easier maintenance and simplifying future overhaul programmes. Widely used within the coal fired power sector.

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